FitX: Power Hour and X-Biking Fitness Program

Soaring to New Strenghts


Okotoks Personal Trainer

After 20 years of weight loss and gain and health problems I found FitX and Sonia. Before joining FitX I was a big couch potato with no motivation, strength or stamina.

With Sonia's guidance, encouragement and strong work ethic I lost close to 40 pounds and have kept it off for the last 2 and 1/2 years. With the weight loss came a new world of possibilities. I have ran several 5 and 10 K races, increased my muscle mass significantly and this year want to enter trail runs.

There is always something new and different to keep you motivated at FitX. Sonia's personal commitment and interest in my success has helped me to succeed at my goals.

I am 59 and in the best shape of my life and I am so grateful that I found FitX and most of all Sonia.

Many, many thanks,

FitX Training:

Over the last 3 months I have been using FitX & X-Biking with Sonia Mulley. I started in January with 1 session/week, it was a back to back session with a group of 5 students. Not only have I expanded to 3 sessions/week and seen a dramatic change in my strength and conditioning, but I have also made some great friends along the way.

FitX is a unique experience as it is a completely new workout each time you go which allows you to work your entire body during each session and avoid the "Boring Repetition" that most workouts bring! Aside from the fantastic workouts, Sonia's passion for her students is overwhelming! She takes the time to get to know each of her students, teach them proper technique and motivate them to always do their best!

I would recommend Sonia without hesitation to anyone, give it a try... it will blow you away!

Rob Rusznak, CPGA Head Golf Professional
Carnmoney Golf Club

I have always been a physically active person and fitness has played a major role in my adult life. In the last two years I have grown bored and stale with with my daily workouts at the gym and my eating habits have not been the best. In June I decided to join FitX hoping to renew my interest in my workouts and lose some of the extra pounds that I had put on over the past 2 years. Once I starting working out at FitX I immediately knew that this was just the change I needed in my workouts that had grown very old and were not holding my interest. I enjoyed the challenge of the workouts throughout the summer but I still had not changed my eating habits, so I had not seen any change in my body.

In September when FitX offered their Fitness Challenge I knew this was just what I needed to lose the weight that I had gained over the past few years. I am naturally a very competitive person so I knew that this challenge was just what I needed to stay focused and succeed in losing weight and getting more fit. The challenge made me take a very good look at my eating habits and what I was eating that had caused me to gain weight over the past 2 years. After eliminating a few key foods that were not healthy for me and once I starting eating 5 smaller healthy meals a day, breakfast, midmorning snack, lunch, afternoon snack and dinner, the weight starting coming off.

What I enjoy the most about FitX workouts is that I never get bored with the workouts. They are never the same each day. Having to post your times for the workouts on the board made me stay very focused on my workouts and strive for my best. After 3 months in the Fitness Challenge I am very happy with the results that FitX has allowed me to attain. Thank you FitX for offering the Fitness Challenge and the excellent guidance that you have provided throughout the challenge. Thank you for renewing my interest in my fitness and making my fitness routine challenging, interesting and fun.

Melanie Stables

Hey Sonia,
Just wanted to send a note your way to let you know how much you are appreciated. You put so much passion and dedication into the gym, the workouts, and your clients. I enjoy coming to the gym every day and I know I am going to get a butt kicking workout that is never boring. From the way you look to all that you do, you are truly an inspiration! I LOVE the changes I have seen in myself and I am excited to see more in the future! Thank you so much!

Love ya!

From the moment I walked into Fitx I knew it would change my life. The passion I saw in Sonia made me want to be there exercising! I was addicted after the first time. The workouts were very intense but everytime I went I could feel myself becoming stronger ! I would never have pushed myself the way Sonia does. I am always shocked when I leave that I can actually do the things I do! I can tell you that with Fitx I feel like I have control over me again!

Thanks Sonia, I feel blessed to have you in my life.
Michelle Albert

I started Fit- x at the end of Sept 08, I had been going to gyms and working out for many years but not really getting much results. We had just moved here, my friend had told me about the workouts, I was excited to go. I remember the first day almost puking! But I loved every minute of it. With cross fit you are pushed to do things you never imagined you could, and that was exactly what I was looking for. I was HOOKED! I am never bored or tired of the workouts they are always different every day!

I signed up for the fitness challenge 3 months ago. I needed a kick in the butt... I am so happy with my results. The workouts were challenging, but very rewarding! I am in the best shape I have been in years. I feel awesome and have so much energy. I have also met a lot of great people along the way.

I just completed a ½ marathon 2 weeks ago and back in sept I thought it was impossible. I believe with determination, support, and encouragement you can succeed.

Thanks Sonia and staff, for all the hard work you put into this challenge and how successful the results have been.
Jen Court

I have been coming to FitX for about 5 months now. For me, that's a record! I have tried many gyms and home workouts over the years but nothing has kept my focus. Coming to this gym is motivating, I actually look forward to going and trying things that I've never done before. Sonia is very enthusiastic and supportive. She won't let you give up, and that's exactly what I need. I still have a long way to go to reach my goals, but for the first time I feel like I am going to get there.

Thanks for your support Sonia,
Jodi Watson

I first started with Sonia at her FitX gym in a spin class October 2008. February 2009 I joined the cross train classes twice a week, along with my spin class once a week. On March 11th I had lost 7 ¾ pounds and 8 ¼ total body inches IN JUST 1 ½ MONTHS I was ecstatic about my results - but not without hard work and dedication that was instilled in me by Sonia. I have never met someone with so much compassion and support that Sonia gives to each and everyone of us at her gym. I'll never forget one of my workouts was to run 10km for time!! I DON'T RUN – I was very nervous even imagining completing such a run and it was getting dark outside. Well enough said - Sonia announces - "Come on I'll do it with you" – I couldn't believe it - she took the time to keep me company and most importantly she was there by my side setting a comfortable pace for me, the words of encouragement with every step I took got me to finish the run in 56.26 minutes!!!!!!!!! Again I was ecstatic with my results.

Well needless to say, I have become hooked with FitX – attending cross train classes and spin classes totalling 4 to 5 times a week. I love the workouts – they are never the same, so bordom doesn't set in. I've met alot of wonderful new friends along the way as well. Thanks to Sonia and her staff I have lost even more weight and inches and I feel great! I am stronger and happy with myself of all challenges I have accomplished – I couldn't have done it without your ever-lasting support and keeping me focused Sonia – your're the best!

Thanks Sonia!
Linda McFarland

FitX makes everyday life easier. From picking up my baby to walking my dogs, I'm stronger and have better endurance. ... I could have written a paper on why you guys are awsome!

Thanks Sonia!

Top Ten Reasons NOT to go to FitX

10) You think inspiration is a myth
9) Highly motivated atmosphere's make you nauseous and light-headed
8) You've been declared "too healthy"
7) You have too many good looking friends as it is....who needs more?
6) Allergic...to sweat...
5) Goals? Goals are for hockey players...
4) You think that "strength" is a measurement of smell...
3) Clear and alert thinking messes with your "creativity"
2) Strategies...weakness is yours
1) You like Big Butts...especially your own!

The number one reason to go...is for yourself. There are too many good reasons to count.

I'm just being a cheeky girl....here's my real testomonial:

I have been going to the FitX gym and participating in the bike classes for over a year now. I started noticing the incredible shape some of my bike mates were getting into and found out that they were doing FitX workouts as well. I started up in FitX six months ago and I can't remember ever having as much strength and endurance that I have now. I work out harder than I ever have and I'm seeing the results not only physically but in how I handle stress and conflicts in my every day life. I feel great when I leave the gym...like I climbed a mountain or something (and I'm sure some days, I probably did!!)

I actually look forward to the gym – if you knew me...you would know how earth-shattering that is! The combination of being surrounded by like-minded friends and having Sonia there to cheer me on makes me feel like champ!

I can't begin to say how grateful I feel for all of the support and encouragement that Sonia has given me.


I started with Sonia about 6 months ago. After 10 years of messing around with different gyms, different classes, personal trainers, I have finally found my way. The first time I started with Sonia she got down on the ground and did push ups beside me, counting them out for me. She ran beside me and held my feet while counting out my sit-ups. Talk about service! She is extremely motivating and encouraging, and really really funny.

Although they are intense work outs that usually leave my a little sore, I wouldn't miss a single class. This is not just a Cross Fit Gym; it is Sonia's Cross Fit Gym – that is what keeps me coming back. She is truly destined for this, how lucky are we that she is here in our community!

Thanks Sonia!
Jill Pickering, Okotoks Alberta

My wife started at FitX and after two months of her telling me how great it is, I joined. I have now been working out at FitX twice a week for 4 months, my wife is on her 7th month, and WE LOVE IT! Sonia, the owner, ensures that your workout experience is closely monitored and that you remain driven.

I am now fitter at 41 than I was at 30. I have been steadily building my cardio as well as increasing my endurance and strength. I am such an advocate of what Sonia is doing at her FitX club that I have already had two close friends join and am working on others.

Feel free to call me at 403.978.4412 and I'd be glad to answer any questions.

David, Okotoks Alberta

As a physiotherapist I believe a number of injuries could be prevented by improving one's fitness level. I have had the privilege of observing Sonia when she had ran her FitX classes in our gym (Okotoks Physical Therapy) and now as a participant in her new facility.

There are a number of things that impress me about FitX. They make sure that the exercises are performed correctly and within the abilities of the participant. This is important to me as a healthcare professional. The classes are designed to challenge the most competitive person to the "couch potato", yet the friendly atmosphere nullifies any intimidation factor that you find in other gym settings. Encouragement is their mantra.

I have noticed significant changes in my own fitness level and will continue to encourage patients and friends to go visit Sonia and her staff at FitX.

Neil Hergott, (Okotoks Physical Therapy)
Okotoks Alberta

About one month ago I had been talked into joining FitX and let me tell you it has been one of the best discussion I have made in my life in awhile. I have seen a HUGE difference in my body already after only a month WOW.. I can't wait to see it after a few more months under my belt. Training with Sonia at FitX has really helped me improve my physical activity level. I have always been competitive in sports and trained hard while playing at a varsity level throughout my studies at university.

But FitX is like no other gym, trainers or coaches, Sonia is so highly motivated and has such a great passion for each and everyone that walks through the doors. She makes sure she has pushed each and everyone of us to are highest capability. So stop wasting time at gyms and with personal trainers and come check out FitX it will not let you down.

Megan MacPherson, Okotoks Alberta

Before Fit X, I was stuck in a rut, floating between workouts, with no real direction or goal. Then I joined Fit X and met Sonia. After that, everything changed for me. I started doing workouts and exercises that I never thought I could do. When the opportunity for the fitness challenge came along, I signed up hoping it would give me even more incentive to get into shape. That hope was realized and more. At eight weeks into the challenge, I found myself going through my drawer getting rid of clothes that were too big for me! Sonia and Lane have been amazing and supportive, providing us with the tools we need to succeed. I have felt inspired and empowered throughout the whole process and plan to continue the workouts even after the challenge ends. I finally found a gym I feel at home in and a new way of life that makes me feel good about myself!

Jackie Mior

The workouts at Fit X are intense and challenging but also very rewarding. After having a baby 4 months ago, I was able to lose the weight and inches in only a few short months. Thanks to FitX for making me feel great and helping me reach my maximum potential!

Sheri Rusznak

Hey Sonia and Lane – Just a wee note to let you know now much I am enjoying your program. I may not look like it when I am there and find it hard to gasp out any appreciation in the moment.....
I find after so many surgeries – it very easy to doubt myself and my capabilities but am actually amazing myself with how much stronger I am getting even in this short 3-4 week time, which fuels the fire. – Yeah me

I love the diversity, the challenge and especially being in with the same group of great ladies and being able to get to know them is really working for me. Thanks for providing such a great program and atmosphere. – Yeah you

Jill Benwell

After having four children and always putting off my own personal goals with fitness. I have never seen such results in my body and felt so strong. Major changes in under 3 months, on how I look, but most importantly how I feel! Sonia and her staff are the real secret to my success! The positive atmosphere and motivation found in this gym are second to none! The biking classes have inspired me to want to actually buy a bike... something I haven't done in 20 years!

Thanks FitX for helping me to embrace fitness as a way of life. This is training like no other, real people, real results, inside & out!

Tracey Chiasson, Okotoks Alberta

I really enjoy training with Sonia at FitX and I am very happy with how I am strengthening my body both physically as well as mentally. Sonia's "WOD" sessions show me that I can not only complete her workouts but that my times are also improving. The classes are challenging and do wonders in helping to increase my fitness level and in a shorter period of time.

I needed someone to help motivate me, to hold me accountable and to use my time both efficiently and effectively and that is what I have been provided. I feel more energized and stronger than ever before. Thank you Sonia!

Marie Svindt, Okotoks

As a competitive cyclist staying fit in the off season is a challenge. This past winter I worked out with Sonia & the Fitx crew and was thrilled with the results. At 42 my body puts up with a lot of repetitive motion from my sport and I develop many pains as a result. The constant variety of exercise at FitX felt like an oil change for my leg muscles. And I gained extra strength too.

If you want real results you can get them here. Sonia can be brutal, but thats why it works. It's like "Tough Love" without the love so brace yourself for a great workout.

Don Huber, Okotoks Alberta

My name is Tracey and I started to become health conscious about 4 years ago. At that time, I was over weight and had enough. Before moving to Calgary, I lived in Regina Saskatchewan, I started to train with a personal trainer at a facility called Level 10 Fitness. I lost just under 50 lbs and have maintained it ever since (give or take 5 lbs).

I enjoy going to the gym, but what I enjoy more is having someone train me and tell me what to do. Since moving to Calgary, I have been looking for a place like Level 10 where I get a wicked workout without having to think about it. I have done many classes, but nothing compared. My sister then introduced me to FitX in Okotoks instructed by a lady named Sonia. I was reluctant to try as I thought it was just another "class." Boy was I wrong! Not only had I found a place that I have been looking for, but it is even better than how I was trained in Saskatchewan. I have never worked as hard as I do in Sonia's training sessions.

Although I go once a week (due to other commitments), I have noticed more toning in my upper body and more strength in my legs than I ever have. I love being pushed to my max and never having the option to give up. The workouts are great, the trainers are fantastic and the results are priceless. If you really value your health, I encourage everyone to do FitX. It will change your life!

Tracey Stahn, Calgary Alberta

I have been working out with Sonia since the middle of January 2009, I never thought I would see my body change – I thought no matter how hard I worked out I would always have my trouble areas. After 5 weeks at FitX, not only do I feel better, but I can see things changing for the better. It is a fun environment, very motivating and I actually look forward to my workout everyday!

Thanks Sonia
Wanda Asuchak, Okotoks Alberta

I have been an avid exerciser and gym attendee for many years. I've worked with personal trainers briefly in the past but for the most part I've always done my own thing and been happy with the results.

While in my twenties and thirties, I found it quite easy to maintain a weight I was happy with and never strived to become super fit or super skinny. I became complacent and probably a little lazy and my workouts never changed much. Over the past couple of years I noticed that my metabolism had changed significantly and I was becoming increasingly frustrated with the love handles that had settled in around my waist.

I met Sonia when I was at the height of this frustration in the summer. Her knowledge and enthusiasm motivated me to try some personal training with her. There was no obligation or expensive contract which really appealed to me. I tried it and loved it immediately.

I have been working with Sonia for four months and am thrilled with the results. I have lost those nagging love handles, but more importantly I feel strong, toned and confident enough to wear almost anything. It has not been easy and Sonia has challenged me to try things I never thought I could do (running 5 km wearing a 10 lb vest is my biggest accomplishment to date!) Over the past few months Sonia has become a mentor and a friend. She truly cares about her clients and is passionate about FitX. The before and after pictures are all the proof I need to stay motivated!

Sheila McNaughton, Okotoks Alberta

Sonia is the most motivating and inspirational coach you could imagine. FitX is an exceptional program that Sonia is able to adapt to any fitness level. I can actually do a pull up now! She has been able to adjust workouts to my crazy scheldule and she actually cares for each client and their particular needs and abilities. She respects where you are now and she will push you to where you want to be. I would encourage anyone who wants to put in the effort to try FitX and let Sonia adapt it to you.

It is amazing the progress that can be made with out a huge time commitment. It is a great program.

Cara, Okotoks Alberta

I found out about cross fit through my brother, who is a fire fighter and had gotten into amazing shape since I had seen him last. I found out through word of mouth that Sonia Mulley was teaching it. As skeptic as I was due to the fact that chin-ups and push ups were involved, which incidentally I could not do, I signed up. Immediately Sonia´s professional work ethic and knowledge regarding the workouts peaked my interest. I needed a challenge in my work out routine and Sonia provided one.

Cross fit has been a vigorous, exciting, and challenging work out to say the least. When I started I could barley do a push-up or sit-up, I am now doing over 50 at a time of each exercise. I have lost almost 6 inches of my hips and 3 off my waist and have acquired a nice tone in both my arms and legs, and my energy levels have gone through the roof. I am feeling good and looking good, thank you Sonia!

Jillian Dickson, Okotoks Alberta

Since starting FitX two months ago, I can see an incredible transformation in myself both mentally and physically! I found that I was just putting in my time at the gym and therefore not seeing any results. FitX has provided me with an exciting new way to exercise that gave me immediate results.

I can't say enough wonderful things about Sonia Mulley, who's contagious energy and incredible knowledge continues to make me want to wake up every morning to train. Her passion and desire to help people reach their goals is clearly evident. I can't recommend this enough to anyone who wants to take their fitness to the next level and do so in an environment that is fun and rewarding!

Medorann Boucher, Okotoks Alberta

Sonia's determination, positive attitude and personable approach makes all the difference. I look forward to gym days as I know that Sonia will encourage me to excel and achieve results. Other participants share my opinion and are as motivated as I am to stay in shape and feel great about myself. Sonia is truly inspiring and an amazing trainer. FitX is the best work out I have ever received and I know as soon as my baby is born I will be in the best shape.

Sonia, thank you very much for all your hard work and I truly believe that you will go beyond your dreams.

Tamara Newman, Okotoks Alberta

I have lifted weights and gone to different gyms off and on for 25 years. Since joining FitX my life has changed significantly. I was taking expensive medication for thinning bones which I no longer have to take in most part, I feel, to the weight bearing exercises. I've never been a runner. Since joining FitX I have done many 5 km runs and a10km run which for me is a miracle. The difference in my strength and stamina is dramatic. But most of all because of my weight loss and decrease in blood pressure my overall health has improved greatly. Thanks to Sonia and her staff's passion for fitness I am finally where I want to be!!

Thanks Sonia!

I've always been athletically inclined and have consistently participated heavily in sports like soccer, ball hockey, and ultimate Frisbee all year-round. Since starting a family 6 years ago, I've slowed down considerably but kept my diet the same. No surprises – I grew two big flabby love handles, had a soft gut, I wasn't nearly as fast at sprinting and ran out breath much too easily.

Since starting training with Sonia 3 months ago I've noticed significant improvements in my strength and endurance. It feels fantastic to have my speed back and to easily elude younger surprised opponents in my team sports. I've also never lifted weights before and I can't help but notice how much easier it is to lift my kids up into the air. No more stooping and groaning as I simply pluck them straight up with no effort at all.

Don't waste your time wandering hopelessly around a big gym moving from one apparatus to another – join FitX now and get the expert personal guidance to help you see real results fast.

Sonia has the perfect balance of characteristics required to make a great personal trainer and I highly recommend her and the FitX program to anyone thinking of getting back into shape.

Dave Bown, Okotoks Alberta

Sonia Mulley has been my FitX trainer twice a week for nearly four months. My appreciation for FitX as a beginner, has increased immensely. I've always been an athletic teen, but when I walked into cross fit for the first time , I thought I was fit until I realised I couldn't move the next day. FitX has worked every single ounce of my body to the extreme. I've lost 3 ½ inches in my hips and went from weighing 124 lbs to 132 lbs in muscle mass.

Not only have I befitted from the FitX program, but also had the opportunity to give my thanks to Sonia for her enthusiasm and drive to get me to where I want to be.

Leah Bascombe – Age 17, Okotoks Alberta

I meet Sonia through the Highwood Cycling Club in Okotoks. At first, I was not going to train with Sonia, as I have always worked-out. I am an athlete, I work out every day and I am very fit. I do triathlons, run marathons and other foot races. The first time I worked out with Sonia, I could not sit down or stand up with out cringing for 4 days. It was one of the most intense but brief work outs I had ever done. Now, since starting with Sonia at the end of October, I have become a better athlete. I no longer work out every day, but I am stronger and fitter then I have ever been. I run faster, I bike faster and I can even do 10 unassisted pull ups. This is great when I bet guys I can do more pull ups then them and I win :)). For any professional athlete looking to improve their fitness level, I would recommend Sonia's training methods over any that I have ever seen or done.

Sandra Anderson, De Winton Alberta

Sonia is an extraordinary trainer! In additional to her immense knowledge and her encouraging attitude, she is an extremely fine person. I always leave my workouts feeling refreshed both because of the efficient exercise and because of my time with her. Both things are good for the soul.

As a result of cross fit, I am stronger and I have more energy. As a result of my time with Sonia, I strive to have an ass like hers!

Take Care and God Bless,
Carmen Ostafichuk, Okotoks Alberta

I have been training with Sonia Mulley @ FitX for 10 weeks and together we have faced some difficult challenges in order to get to this point. Sonia has managed to overcome many obstacles in creating and expanding her training facility. But she has been wonderful and very patient and supportive. I have lost over 11 inches working out with Sonia and I hope there are many more to follow in the New Year.

You rock! Good luck with all your current and new clients. Eat Healthy and Work Hard People and the World is your Oyster!

Love Ya Sonia,
Anna McFadyen, Okotoks Alberta

I would like to say that I have been exercising regularly four to five times a week for years. I however, have never achieved the results I have since I started with FitX. Not only can I see the results, I also can feel them. I feel much stronger, and I know I can do things that I could not even think of doing before. It feels good to know, that no matter what your age, you still can achieve physical goals, with the right help.

Judy Wuest, Okotoks Alberta

As someone who has been going to the gym 3 – 5 times a week and not getting the results I wanted, Sonia has been my light at the end of the tunnel. After just 1 month, not only did I begin to see results, but my husband and others could see it also. I've had better results with Sonia in two months than a year at the gym on my own. She's tough, but she's balanced and I highly recommend you get started!

Michelle Duda, Calgary Alberta

My FitX Experience — It's been nearly four months now since I started FitX. Two of those months were spent training with Sonia. She explained the theory of FitX to me and I was intrigued by the exercise techniques and intensity. But theory and practice are two different things. It was absolute hell but I loved every minute of it! FitX gave me the opportunity to push myself beyond boundaries I never thought I could achieve physically. Before joining FitX I thought I was doomed to be "frumpy" for the rest of my life. I even consulted a plastic surgeon who told me the only option left was liposuction, a costly and dangerous procedure.

The proof is in the pictures my friends! Four months later I am stronger, leaner, and more fit than I have ever been in my life. FitX is now a passion and I hope one day to introduce others to this elite workout just as Sonia did for me. She is an expert trainer and a great motivator. So be in it to win it and never give up!

Lane Phillips, Okotoks Alberta

After having my second baby, it seemed impossible to lose the weight and get back into shape. I tried everything. I was a regular at the local fitness club and that's where I met Sonia. Through her FitX program and incredible enthusiasm, she has helped me the love fitness again and reach goals I never thought possible. Trust me, FitX is the only fitness program that works...the inches and increased energy speak for themselves!

Thanks for Everything!

Shauna Holditch, Okotoks Alberta

FitX has rejuvenated my passion for fitness. It has inspired me to take pride in my body once again. It has also made me realize that being physically fit for a woman is not about being skinny, but rather it's about being toned, strong and confident in your own skin, no matter what your dress size might be. FitX has become an integral part of my everyday life and I couldn't be more pleased with the results I've noticed in such a short period of time!

Burkie Burgess, Okotoks Alberta

Ever since I joined the FitX team I have beaten my goals and greatly surpassed what I thought were my bodies physical limits. Throughout the training I have seen immense gains and thanks to the never ending support I have tried my best and succeeded more than I every thought possible. Just twice a week and an hour per session I have greatly increased my agility and strength through all the techniques exclusive to this program.

Dan Bascombe, Okotoks Alberta

In the past I have wasted a lot of time and money on various exercise classes where I saw little or no visible results. I began FitX nine weeks ago and I have already seen a noticeable change in my body. I feel great physically and my energy level has increased dramatically. I was in good 'cardio' shape prior to starting with Sonia, but now I am a lot stronger and have improved my swimming and run times.

I love Sonia's enthusiasm, knowledge and expertise. Her ability to adapt her programs to everyone's different fitness levels makes the workouts very enjoyable. I am so happy that that I found Sonia and FitX, finally something that works!

Susanne Cyr, Okotoks Alberta

About three months ago a good friend asked me to come with him to work out. Now before I go on let me tell you about myself – 40 something, macho man, Couch potato. Anything I seen on TV I could do from the comfort of my couch (exercise related).

So I walk in to Sonia place; she was holding a big stick. This should have been my first clue; second I did not see a couch. The first half of my session Sonia showed me the proper technique on how to do squats, pull ups and so on. The second half of the session was the work out. OK remember Macho man Couch potato. So I started 50 pull ups 50 sit ups and 50 squats, started skipping, which I thought was for girls.

Soon there after I was out cold. This is not to scare you off. This was the point in my life where I realized that I needed to come back to Sonia and FitX. Sonia did not expect to see me after the first night. However, I surprised her an have been going faithfully every week. At this point I am down in weight and inches. I have not been down this much in weight or inches in 20years.

You just have to do it — don't just say you are going to do it – you know you have to do it, it's your LIFE. FitX and Sonia work, and are the only thing [I've found] that does.

RB, Okotoks Alberta

I met Sonia through the other big gym in Okotoks. She was extremly helpful at showing me how to use the exercise equipment correctly; as a matter of fact, she was the only member of the staff who wanterd to help me.

After I heard that she was leaving and setting up a gym on her own I quickly followed and became a member of FitX. I have never gone back to working out at regular gyms 3 times a week. The FitX program at FitX is the best. Sonia is like my personal trainer but without the huge expense. She will push you but its worth it – the results are amazing.

After having two kids I had some handles around my belly that would not leave. After two months with FitX I feel stronger and toned and can get into skinny jeans and look great. I feel 10 yrs younger and look it too! I highly recommend Sonia and the fabulous FitX gym to anyone wanting to add 10yrs or more on to their life.

Sue Bown

I have been doing FitX – one day a week since September – Sonya's workouts are always challenging and no matter what level of fitness you are at, each work-out promises something challenging for you! These workouts are great for your core strength, muscle strength and cardio – they are an all-in-one fitness session which is the best type of workout if you want results!

I have also been taking the x-bike class and love it.

Marcella Tailby, Okotoks Alberta