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Donation: Rylan Bly Motocross Racer

Rylan Bly Motocross

My name is Rylan Bly and I am 11 yrs old and my dream is to become a professional motocross racer! Here is my story of how I got hooked on Motocross!

When I was 2 I wanted my training wheels taken off my pedal bike, and some ramps built, soon I got bored and my parents put me in BMX Racing when I was 3. Once again this only lasted a short while as one day I asked to walk over to the dirt bike track. As soon as I saw the bikes and heard the noise I knew that's what I wanted to do! I bugged and bugged my parents until finally they bought me a bike, but my parents not knowing much about racing bought me a trail bike, and we soon discovered this was not a race bike, so onto a KTM 50cc I went and I discovered I loved to go fast!

Over the years my family and I have put on a lot of miles to get me where I am today. My passion for racing and my desire to win has propelled me to the top of my class here in Alberta. To keep me progressing my family and I have had to make the move to race in the USA where there's more competition and faster riders. We decided to try and qualify for the Loretta Lynn's Amateur National the most prestige amateur event in the USA. I have just recently made it through the first round. I placed 2nd in the 85cc 7-11 stock and modified class! This is huge as only the top 5 riders went through to the next round and I only had my stock bike for the modified class as well. So now next stop is Honey Lake California where the top 5 riders from 4 different areas compete for the 4 spots to go on to the Loretta Lynn's Amateur Nationals in Tennessee. I know I have a lot of work to do even just to make top 10 but the experience I will gain from racing this event is the chance of a lifetime even if I don't make top 4!

Please help me afford the travel costs to Honey Lake California.


Rylan Bly Motocross